how to : spring clean

In case you haven’t heard, Spring is the time for cleaning. If you’re a busy gal like me, this is the perfect time to organize your wardrobe, work space and mind. This all in honor of getting shiet done, so you can later enjoy the many festivities of the silly season.


Some would call me a little bit of a neat freak, as I find utter satisfaction in keeping a clean and organized life, though I can safely say not all aspects of my life get the same treatment, but at least I’m trying. When my parents last visited my Dad pointed out that I should be in a Windex ad, reflecting upon how many times I would wipe down our glass-middle dining table in one day. Being organized, working and living in a neat space leaves room for a mess in my head, I guess, and being a creative this is just how things work.

Living with this slight quirk, and as I’m sure you can imagine, at the top of my handwritten (but perfectly spaced out) wishlist – was a Dyson. I cannot tell you how many times I’ve been zooming around the apartment or house half an hour before due to leave for the airport, trying to give the floors a good vacuum before we go. Because who wants to come home to a messy house? Duh. And I have battled, forced and swept with these vacuum cleaners who have over time decided that they don’t suck any more. Or at all. Dyson knows he sucks. And he’s proud of it. Which is why I may have overused my new DC54 already, but the house is really clean, and allergy friendly, as an added bonus.

If you need tips on clearing out your wardrobe and getting organized for Spring, here are some of mine:

Take it out, all out. Empty your cupboards and drawers and wipe everything down.

Throw your winter things aside – hang them in a separate cupboard or store them out of sight. You don’t need your cashmere jumpers during the Australian summer.

Pick out your go-to items. These are things that you have worn in the past month. If weather has not permitted, but you know you wore it to death last summer – this qualifies. Hang and fold things back into your space. Step back. Ahh…

What’s left over should be sorted into two piles : to be sold, and the maybe pile. I think you can figure out what to to with the “to sell” pile, or, if you’re a delicious friend like me, give it to someone who you know will love it. Pack up your “maybe” pile into a box and store it. If you find yourself missing some of these items over time (give it at least a month), then work them back into your wardrobe. Otherwise, let these items go on to new adventures.

Once complete, crack a Pinot. Netflix and chill.

DC54 Allergy| Dyson
Eyeshadow palette | Bobbi Brown
Bag | Rebecca Minkoff
Denim | River Island
Glasses | Oscar Wylee