‘a little something’ gift guide

Anniversaries. Birthdays. Valentines day. Gifts can be bloody hard. Not to mention expensive and stressful. Now if you’re reading this today (it’s Valentines Day today, by the way), and you’re either stuck for an idea or forgot all together, hopefully this post will spark a few ideas. Remember that at the end of the day it’s the thought that counts, even if it’s just walking out into the yard and picking a flower, or making someone breakfast in bed — the romance really lies in the thought.

Having recently Marie-Kondo-ed our house, the thought of buying more things that end up a drawer is the last thing I want to inspire you to do with this post, hence breaking it up into ideas which I personally feel would fall into the “I am seriously lusting over that but I’m not going to spoil myself” category. Look around your partners / friends / whomever you’re buying for’s life. What do they use a lot? What are they in to?


If they wear glasses, new frames can be the perfect gift if they’ve been talking about getting a fresh frame. If you’re really unsure of style, surprise them with a card and go with them to help them choose, or jump online (Vision Direct is my go to). If prescription glasses isn’t their thing, no one can go past a new pair of sunglasses. I’m eyeing off these Miu Miu ones at the moment #hinthint


If you’re buying for your partner, a tip is to bring a scent you know they love to the shops and ask for a recommendation. Or if you’re ballsy enough, hunt around online and read the reviews. I love getting a new scent that I might not have thought of myself, even if it can sometimes take a bit of warming up to, if it’s in the general direction of my vibe it’s a pleasant surprise. I’m lusting over this Diptyque Rose one.


Well, it is V-Day, right? If you’re going down the lingerie route then guys, make sure you get your sizing right. If you want to play it safe, leave the bra (sizing can be tricky) and opt for cute undies and a robe or perhaps even a bodysuit. I adore everything Love Stories, and these little briefs are just perfect for today.


We do live in Australia, after all. Because it’s what we basically live in over summer, it’s good the keep things fresh in the swimwear department. I find this to be a little like perfumes, it’s nice to be given something that you may not have thought to buy for yourself. The most lust-worthy swimwear at the moment is made by Marysia. And if you’re going big, throw in a surprise weekend get away (eeeek!)


When it comes to make up, go wild or go home. I think most of us end up buying “safe” make up for ourselves, stuff we use everyday — for the office and the week to week. If you’re thinking of gifting beauty products, go a little bold. Mecca always have the latest and greatest, and on top of that — the most friendly and knowledgeable staff — so pop in and have a chat and ask for a recommendation. I’m obsessing over this Desert Queen Eye & Face Palette.


Perhaps a little predictable, but like flowers, always appreciated. I’ve never been one to purchase jewellery for myself really, so what better way to add something to the wishlist if you’re asked what you’re eyeing off at the moment. I’ve yet to jump on the shell-craze that’s all over the ‘gram at the moment, but I am secretly crushing over this little gold shell necklace, as well as these earrings.