One & Only

I’m not sure why I am torturing myself with this post now. Perhaps it’s because it currently feels so far away from reality that I question if it ever happened. And if it did, what did it look like, feel like?

Well, a little something like this.

watermeloncrush_oneandonly_hayman_7watermeloncrush_oneandonly_hayman_9 watermeloncrush_oneandonly_hayman_8watermeloncrush_oneandonly_hayman_4 watermeloncrush_oneandonly_hayman_3 watermeloncrush_oneandonly_hayman_2 watermeloncrush_oneandonly_hayman_1

Imagine packing for a completely unplanned weekend, without knowing where you are going, but you do know that it’s warm. And that you have to pack a bathing suit.

A flight, a helicopter ride (holy effing moely), and a swiftly welcome up to a room later, before us stood a room, the ocean, and a colour palette that only the most wishful kind of thinking can dream up – at our door step. Needless to say I very quickly peeled off my for clothes, slapped on a swimsuit, ordered a coconut and planted myself in the sunshine.

I’m still not quite sure it happened. But if it did, I am one lucky girl.


Black one piece | Mikoh
White plunge | Jets
One & Only | Hayman Island