simple acts

I thought I’d share some travel secrets with you. Not only for you –  but for my own benefit too, as I tend to create and foster a simple packing list that seems to work every time, but I tend to forget where I put it…



Packing light does not mean pack less

“Packing light” used to scare the hell out of me. What if I forget something? What if I get cold? My bag gets lost? My Mum used to say “Pass, pengar, biljett. Resten löser sig.” which means “Passport, money, ticket. The rest we’ll figure out.” – which I have started to believe more with time. Travelling light is not only easier (to carry), but packing things that you’ll actually use usually means you’ll automatically pack less.


Arrive fresh

There is honestly nothing worse than ending a 28 hour trip without having the chance to have had a shower. Pack a versatile skin care product that will help freshen you up and smells good. I use Simple Micellar Water with a cotton pad.


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Bring yer hat, love

Hats are the best, and totally do-able in New York. Good for bad hair days, they keep you warm, and can be really freakin’ cool, like this one.


Favourite jewellery, only

Don’t bother with the bling that you “think might look good with that dress”. Unless you have a particular event or evening in mind, bring the stuff you wear every day and know you will use. I have 5 rings and two necklaces on my almost always, and just throw in a pair of earrings for a special occasion. Done.


Simple palettes, please

When it comes to make up, bring the basics, but splurge on brushes. I love my set from Zoeva, they are small enough to fit even in your carry on, yet every one serves a different purpose. Pick a palette ahead of your holiday – and have fun with it.


Signature scent

If I’m going on  a big holiday, I usually pick a perfume at the airport if I’m in need for one. Using it during the trip will enhance the memories once you’re back home. Pleasure or pain – you decide.



Micellar Cleansing Water | Simple
Hat | Rag & Bone
Make up brushes | Zoeva