Oh hey.

In two hours something quite special is happening. Though I will have to leave the big reveal to a little later, my mental packing list is slowly forming and that little pocket of wanderlust in my heart and mind is becoming bigger.


It’s been an intense few weeks, and I have after a few “ah-ha” moments, realisations and subtle slaps in the faces (not literally, by the way), come to terms that the only one I can blame for being stressed and worried is myself. I am sure most of you have been here – you’re too busy, too tired, too “just not in the mood”.


When is it OK to say no? Have you done enough?


If you’re a dedicated, passionate and strong person – your intuition will tell you when enough is enough. And that you, as you are – is totally OK. It’s funny sitting here writing this because I have most definately followed this advice the last few weeks. If you, like me, need a helping hand sometimes – going back to basics is always my first step. What makes you happy? What drives you, inspires you?


Speaking of basics. And colder weather… 


This little Staple the Label number has been hanging in my closet begging to be worn. And together with QT Gold Coast, Naked Vice and The Minimalist I braved up for the Staple Style Challenge. Man, this thing will be the first thing to hit the suit case.



Coat | Staple the Label
Jeans | Zara
Shopper | Marcs

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