creating the perfect G&T

Let’s face it.

It’s been a pretty intense, interesting week. I’ve found myself merging days, forgetting to eat, and only taking a break from the screen because I’m busting for the bathroom the last few days. I was just managing to keep it together, and though it wasn’t necessarily pretty, I was getting it done.

We also decided to take the week of booze, just to wake up fresh and take a stress off the system. Adding to the stress, the election results last night resulted in me finishing the day walking in the door asking “Who needs a drink?” – simply because there was no other way to handle the week than step back from it all and have a laugh.

As sharing is caring, and I am assuming that you could do with a drink (or two) yourselves, here is the best gin & tonic recipe ever, together with the help of the awesome people at Bulldog.


  • 2 parts Bulldog Gin
  • 5 parts Mediterranean Tonic


  • Fill copa glass with ice cubes, add Bulldog Gin and top with tonic water.
  • Finish off with a sprig of rosemary & a twist of lemon or lime.


  • Rosemary twigs, lemon or lime wedges & twists