how to be happy

Seems such an easy
sentiment, right?


Personally I gravitate towards happy people. Someone who is positive, can make the most of any situation and who has the ability to laugh at themselves a little. I would say it’s a skill, because sometimes it’s just much easier to slump into a heap and say ‘no’ to the world. That’s exactly what I ended up doing yesterday, after coming home from a really tough day’s work. We are all allowed these days, but if you are tripping up from a much happier base line, it’s a little bit easier to get back on your feet, and faster.

For some or us (arguable, most of us) happiness is something we have to work on. The road to happiness can be a long and sometimes rocky journey, but trust me when I say it’s worth striving and fighting for.

Finding your ‘baseline’ happy is a long and big journey, and who am I to tell you how or where to find it. Personally this journey took me years, and though I was always a happy kid growing up, somehow I lost myself a little as a teenager. However, I eventually found my way back, and in the process have developed some simple tricks that I now use every day to keep myself in check.

  • Focus on the now

    Looking back at what’s been, or planning too far ahead can send anyone crazy. Focus on the here, the now and what you can do now to get yourself to a happier place. Look around you – take in what is great. Change the things you don’t like, or let them go.

  • Put down the tech

    Get outside. We were not designed to sit glued in front of a glowing screen. And for goodness sake take a break from social media. We all use it and love it, but I strongly believe that it can have an affect on the way you perceive yourself and your life. Remember, comparison is the thief of joy.

  • Hang out with your friends

    Note :Β  Facebook friends do not count. Surround yourself with people you love, and lean on them. They are friends for a reason and this is what friends do for each other. For me, this also includes my family. We are a tight knit bunch of people and I lean on them as much as I do my friends. Bummer that they’re half way across the world…!

  • Excercise

    You knew this one was coming. And I can hand on heart say that this is personally the LAST thing I feel like when I’m feeling blue. But, it works. This does not have to be anything specific – choose something you love – running, cycling, swimming, strength training. If you really need a kick up the bum, do a class, and bring a friend.

  • Do an overview

    If you’re not sure where to start, make a happy list and a not-happy list. This sounds dumb but it works. Write down things that make you happy – for example “a great cup of coffee”, “Sunday brunch”, “morning walks”, “going to the gym”, “reading a book” – or whatever floats your boat. Do the same for the not-happy list, so “being hung over”, “overspending”, “not enough sleep”, “gossip”. Revisit the list when you’re feeling a bit blue. What are you spending most of your time doing?

  • Don’t make big decisions

    When you’re feeling a little out of sorts, this is not the time to make big calls. See this, instead as the ‘carrot’ to getting yourself to a happier spot. Happy mind = great decisions.

  • Have a laugh

    If you’re having a shitty week, this is probably the last thing you want to do. But science says, laughter is the best medicine. So call that funny friend of yours, flick on a comedy show. I try to get out of my own head an laugh at myself. I’m lucky that my gorgeous husband is great at helping me with this – he hands me a glass of red and we laugh it off. It works.

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