spring muse

With days like the one we’ve just had in Sydney today, I can’t help but get exited about warmer weather and what that means in terms of wardrobe transitions. The feeling of my hair brushing my shoulder and arms may sound totally ridiculous, but that to me is the first sign that things are heating up.

After beginning to flirt wth the idea of shorts, skirts and dresses, and lived withΒ some outfit regret at times, I think it’s now officially OK to get excited about the idea of Spring.

For me, Spring is a big fat goodbye to layering, and transitioning ‘base’ outfits consisting of jeans and jumpers to floaty, light pieces, with a back up jacket need be. Linen, lace and oversize comes to mind – boots are still on rotation with the occasional lace up sandal or white sneaker. This outfit probably came out a week or so too early, but I just couldn’t wait any longer.


Wearing ‘Desert Muse’ top and skirt by Suboo