winter whites

Wow. I’m still finding it impossible to wrap my head around that it’s actually December 1st today. Where the hell has the year gone?

I’m sure a lot of you are guilty of what I’ve found myself doing the last few days; wondering where the year has gone, looking back and trying to identify you main accomplishments or events of the year, and probably beating yourself up a little about why you haven’t achieved them all. If this is not you – I am very envious.

If you’re at all like me, setting goals that are sometimes way out of reach (and you know it), and kicking yourself for not achieving them as quickly or as easily you’d like, has become a bit of a bad habit. A habit that I hope to break this year, by actually remembering to stop sometimes, recognise and celebrate progress, and then, move on.

In spirit of celebrating the little (or big!) things, I decided to jot down a few major accomplishments this year, and if you’re finding yourself in this similar situation as me, I would highly recommend you do the same. You’ll probably be amazed at the things you’ve done and what has happened in just a year, when you stop and think about it.

In spirit of celebrations I wanted to share my favourite styles for the party season ahead. Now, a lot of you would probably say that white is not a colour, but to me this represents everything great about living on the Northern Beaches in Australia, and with a little bit of glitz and perhaps a red lip, you’ll feel festive without the Christmas sweaters or the cringe-worthyΒ prints.


Mesop | Β Orion pants
Mesop | Asana Top